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Due to chemicals used to keep the water clean, public swimming pools tend to be pretty bug-free. Experts say that chlorine and other chemicals will kill traces of the virus. The World Health Organisation recommended chlorination level of 15mg min/liter is sufficient to kill enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Guidance from the Pool Water Treatment and Advisory Group (PWTAG) reads: "Public health opinion is that it is generally safe to go swimming at this time. Water and the chlorine within swimming pools will help to kill the virus." Personal hygiene when out of the water is of the utmost importance. This includes showering before and after swimming and disinfecting your hands after you’ve pushed and pulled door handles or touched your locker. The PWATG advice reads: "Visitors to swimming pools are reminded to shower before using the pool, to shower on leaving the pool and to follow the necessary hygiene precautions when visiting public places to help reduce the risk of infection." Hand washing routines also apply, making sure you thoroughly wash for 20 seconds with soap and water when you return home. Experts also advise to wash and maintain clean swimming kit and towels, using a high 60 degree wash to kill any bugs. Official sports body Swim England is continuing to plan for swimming sport events as normal - but recommends to avoid using any public pool if you feel unwell to reduce the spread of disease.

Pool maintenance

Whether you’re in a blanket of sunlight or in a suntan city, pool maintenance is a must. Taking care of your pool now can save you money, not to mention preventing any damage due to high temperatures or contaminated water. Maintain your investments by protecting your swimming pool from summer damage. Pool Covers and shade is needed to protect your pool from harsh conditions. Adding a pool cover is a necessity to protect your pool from excessive debris and other waste, so it’s important for all pool owners to understand how to maintain them. Pool parts may be tucked out of sight and forgotten about when you’re not concerned with using your pool. No matter your geographical location, pool parts need periodic maintenance to keep them running as good as new. Chemically balanced water is key to a clean swimming pool. Balanced water will prevent algae, bacteria, waterlines, and decontamination making the pool process much easier for pool owners. Taking the initiative to maintain your pool during the summer months will save you time and money for the upcoming monsoon seasons. If you have any questions or simply want to leave it to the pros, contact your pool consultant today.

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