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Bobbin-wound filter is manufactured by computerized filament winding fiberglass which enhances the mechanical strength of the filter tank and ability to withstand the pressure. V Series and S Series are manufactured by long-lasting and non- corrosive fiberglass and resin, with bobbin wound automatic technology, UV resistance composites, allowing the filter to work and resist extreme weather conditions, with no corrosion and long working life.


Engineered and built for pool professionals

Emaux has been designing and manufacturing swimming pool pumps to get reliable ones. The direct approach with the market tells us that there's a need for strong, reliable and very performing pump to suit the professionals needs on new installations and retrofit. And we listen our customers, the result is Super-Power pump.

Filter Media


  • Lighter than silica sand
  • Save water and power for backwashing
  • Longer operation life than silica sand due to higher attrition strength which do not break easily
  • Improve the clarity which overwhelm the result of using silica sand
  • Remove finer impurities than equivalent grade of silica sand
  • Suitable for commercial potable water treatment, commercial rapid-rate re-use water filters, waste water treatment and sewage treatment (lattice structure ideal for biological control)

Pool fittings

Main Drain Anti Vortex Main drain

This series of Main Drains comply with provisions of ANSI/APSP-16 2011 standard and the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. High quality main drains are made of ABS which has the resistance in pool chemical and sunlight.

Skimmer - Corrosion-Proof Unibody Construction

The heavy-duty skimmer can be used for residential and commercial swimming pools suitable for concrete, fiberglass and vinyl surfaces. The 3 models are injection molded and made with UV resistant ABS material; the reinforced material provides the maximum strength and durability for all weather conditions. The high flexibility design allows 1.5" or 2" suction connections to the piping.

Water Feature

Bring you pool to life! Water Descent

Water Descent is one of the most beautiful ornamental features for your pool or spa. Creating a water movement in your pool, it may be adjusted from a peaceful sheet of water falling into the pool, to a relaxing water massage for your back, adding elegance and style to your pool. Available in five different models, you can enjoy different water effects and trajectories, from our standard water fall, to rain sheer or arc trajectory. With the optional RGB LED strip, the unit provides you vibrant colorful waterfall which adds visual interest and soothing sound of flowing water to your landscape.

LED Water Descent Control Box

The LED strip is built into the unit ( instead of using fiber optics ) placing the light as close to the water fall as possible. This design creates a wonderful illumination to the water falling into the pool. 10 selections of pre-programmed LED lighting pattern allow you to create the best luminous water features on your hands.

Countercurrent Jet - Decent Swim for swimmers at all levels

Perfect for small size pool where space is limited. Also it is specialized for fitness training, underwater massage, endless no-lap swimming and unnecessary tumble turns.

Cleaning equipment

Hand Skimmer and Leaf Rake

Hand Skimmers and Leaf Rakes are made of high quality PP and Nylon. The function is to collect the leaves and other objects in the swimming pool. Designed to attach with telescopic pole.

Vacuum Head

The Emaux vacuum heads are made of decent ABS / Aluminum materials. The range of this precise service equipment is for use in residential and commercial pools. The vacuum heads are designed for heavy-duty usage with a strengthened handle and flexible wheels.

Aluminium Telescopic Poles With Grip Lock

Telescopic Poles are constructed of premium drawn aluminum tubing. With the wall thickness of 1.2mm, the OD and ID are 31.8mm and 29.4mm respectively. It comes with vinyl handle and user-friendly grip lock. Designed to work with hand skimmers, leaf rakes, brushes and vacuum heads.

Blow Mold Vacuum Hose

The economic blow mold flexible hose is made specifically for pool vacuuming. It withstands pool chemicals and outdoor conditions. The inner wall design of the hose also allows for an efficient flow of the pool cleaning.


  • High Efficiency with a COP value up to 5.0 our heat pumps are very efficient when transferring heat from the air to the swimming pool water. You can save as much as 80 % of cost compared to an electrical heater.
  • Long life-span The heat exchanger is made by PVC & Titanium tube, which can withstand and prolong exposure to swimming pool water.
  • Easy Control and Operation Simply switch it on and set the desired pool water temperature. The system includes a micro-computer controller, allowing all operation parameters to be set. Operation status can be displayed on the controller with LCD display.